"Coaching helps clients think at a new level.  Drawing on the skill of the coach, the client is able to propel herself through barriers which would otherwise stand in her way" - Jackie Fokkens

What Jackie’s Personal Coaching Offers You

New possibilities:  Offering alternative ways of looking at the problem and solutions.

Plan:  Co-develops a plan of action with the client.

Solutions:  Develops and shares a solution to a problem or issue using proven methods and techniques.

Strategy:  Co-develops a personal and/or business strategy.

Resources:  Delivers to clients expert information in the way of video links, documents and MP3 downloads.

Encouragement: Providing energy and support as needed.

Accountability:  Providing access and accountability through email, text messages, and weekly sessions.

Validation:  Validation through encouragement and acknowledgement.

Caring: Communicates caring via listening, patience and a sense of safety/acceptance.

Advice:  The coach provides advice via recommendations and suggestions.

Feedback: Provides feedback via observations, insights, ideas and options.

Challenge: I will consistently challenge the client to stretch in order to reach goals and make good decisions.

Results: I help you get results, which is the reason why we work together.